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How to Buy a New Central Air System for

Less Than $13/wk.  --  With Lower Electric Bills…


And Best of All, You Don’t Have to Put Any

Cash Down*


But You Must Act Now While the Special Circumstances That Created This Unique

 Offer Are Still Available…


Dear Friend,


Right now I have created a new program that will allow 39 homeowners to buy a new central air system with no money down and less than $13 per week.


Actually with this program, homeowners will probably be able to buy a new system without taking any money out of their pocket.  I’ll explain later.


You may be thinking…




The answer is simple:  Just like a farmer… if I do ok during my “harvest-time” then it’s usually a decent year.  And, we did fine this summer.   But, September was a disaster.  We only installed half of our budget for new installations.  In fact, it was my lowest total sales in a month since January 2013 – more than 4 1/2 years ago.  Well, as you can imagine, that wiped out part of my summer profits, and now I’ve got to make it up.  And that’s how you win




            Every year I have to guess how many air conditioners and furnaces to buy to meet the “Emergency Demand”… and I buy by the truckload.  Of course I’m never exactly right.  But this year I’m way off because of our September disaster, and have 39 extra systems sitting in storage in the four most popular sizes used in this area.


            These 39 systems are brand new models and have a full factory warranty.  They are NOT seconds, or “blems” or standard “builder” models.



            In order to create a demand for these 39 systems, I negotiated a plan to give me a financing program with low monthly payments that will be irresistible to those who would normally wait until next year to install a new system.  This new program is the BEST I have ever seen in the entire 50+ years that we have been in business.  Right now, you can buy a new central air conditioner or heat pump with NO money down and less than $13 a week net cash out of pocket.




            If your central air system is over 10 years old, the money you save on utility costs could be enough to offset the monthly payment on your new system.  Imagine that – “Buy a new central cooling system without taking any money out of your pocket!”  It’s like having the electric company buy you a new air conditioning system.




            Just call Ashley at 270-769-2727 and she will set up an appointment for your FREE survey.  A comfort consultant will measure your home (and determine the availability of the proper size) and explain the fantastic financing plan that I have created. 


            Don’t forget I only have 39 matched systems in four sizes.  When they are gone this remarkable offer ends also.




            Even after we come out and explain the installation and the finance plan, there is no obligation.  If you decide you don’t want to take advantage of the spectacular offer – that’s okay.  I will give you a surprise gift worth $50 because you are kind enough to read this letter and give me a chance to solve my problem.  I want you to think well of Allen’s Air Conditioning even if you don’t buy.


            Give Ashley a call now at 270-769-2727.  Thank you for reading this rather long letter.  I hope you will profit greatly because of it.


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Air Conditioning and Heating

(270) 769-2727 or (270) 358-3333


             For Greater Comfort,

            David E. Allen




P.S.  Don’t forget if your air conditioner and furnace is over 10 years old, a rewarding $50 surprise gift awaits you.  And there is no obligation.




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