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Allen’s Air Conditioning was founded by Ben and Mary Emma Allen. Ben was doing heating and air conditioning work while he worked his way through college and as he was teaching at Elizabethtown High School.  In 1956 he formed the company Allen’s Air Conditioning.  He still remained a teacher but he worked in and managed the company when he wasn’t at school.  Ben worked hard to make sure that he and his employees did the best quality work and satisfied all customers. He is a man of his word. He taught this to his sons, David and Steve, as he began teaching them his trade.

David and Steve both grew up helping their dad in the company. After graduating high school, both boys went on to college where they received degrees. They both returned home to Sonora, Kentucky to work in the family business with Ben.

Dave Allen, president

In 1993, David and Steve bought into the company and incorporated the name. The company was now Allen’s Air Conditioning, Inc.  They had a new name but still remained the family business that strived for excellence. The company continued to grow and build a reputation for their quality work. Eventually, they out-grew the old office trailer and pole barn warehouse behind Ben and Mary’s home.  In 1999 the company made a big move to an office on Mulberry Street in Elizabethtown. The move gave the company more visibility and a central location for their working area.

In 2008 we moved the office to Hodgenville, Kentucky. Our previous office had been flooded twice in less than 18 months so David and Steve thought it was best to move to a better location. We could now focus all our attention on our customers instead of worrying about the next storm that may put us back under water.

Today, we continue to grow as a company.  We have more great teams and most importantly, more customers.  As we continue to grow each day, one thing remains the same; Allen’s Air Conditioning, Inc. is still the family business that strives for excellence.  Our customers always come first and we take pride in giving each customer the same special attention that they received when we started out in the old office in Sonora.

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