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Replacement/New System Installation

Air Conditioning & Heating System Replacement

The Most Important Day in the Life of an HVAC System is the Day It Is Installed

Your Allen’s Installation includes many “intangible” benefits that will affect the operation of your new system for years to come.

Your installation also includes these items:

  • All work will be done in accordance with existing codes.
  • The project will be supervised by a licensed Journeyman of the State of Kentucky.
  • All work will be performed by experienced, trained technicians.
  • All technicians will wear protective shoe covers when working inside the home, and will use drop cloths where necessary to prevent floors or carpets from dirt & debris from the installation.
  • The job site will be completely cleaned of any debris from the installation.
  • All installations are covered by Allen’s exclusive “No Surprises” guarantee.  If we find that anything was mistakenly or inadvertently left out of the proposal, it is Allen’s responsibility to cover it, and there is no additional cost to you.
  • All installations are covered by Allen’s exclusive “Money Back” guarantee.  If, after the system has been installed for Twelve (12) months, if the homeowner is not 100% satisfied with the system, and we are unable to correct the issue, Allen’s will offer to take the system out and give a full 100% refund, NON-PRORATED.

Why should you choose Allen’s Air Conditioning, Inc. to install your new air conditioner?

The most important reason is that we have a 100% Money Back Guarantee within the first year that your system is installed.

  • Champion Installation Technicians
    All of our employees have gone through an extensive hiring process, including background checks and drug screens. In fact, about only 1 in 50 applicants will make the cut and become a champion Allen’s’ installation technician. Once hired, they attend weekly training sessions to fine tune their skills, to study new technology, and to learn about ever changing city codes.
  • Allen’s is Licensed, Insured, and Bonded
    We maintain high levels of insurance so that you and your property are protected. All of our technicians meet local and state licensing regulations.
  • Permitted Installations
    We follow all city codes and when required we pull the permit for you and we arrange for the final inspection on your behalf.
  • Drop Cloths
    Our installers will protect your home with drop cloths.
  • Removal and Disposal of Old Air Conditioning and Heating Equipment
    We will remove the old air conditioning and heating equipment from your home and dispose of it in an environmentally friendly way.
  • Allen’s is Environmentally Friendly
    All materials including metals and refrigerants will be recycled. We strictly enforce our CFC venting policy.  Every effort is made to be environmentally responsible.
  • Expert Wiring
    For your protection and for your home’s safety all wiring is done neatly and exactly to city code requirements.
  • Complete Air Conditioner Operation Testing
    We don’t leave until we fully cycle and test your new air conditioner, furnace, and/or heat pump system.
  • Balance Whole House Air Flow
    Ensures that each and every room of the home is comfortable.
  • Check Total System Operation
    It’s important that your air conditioning & heating system function properly together. So each cycle is fully tested, both air conditioning & heating.
  • We Clean Up After The Air Conditioning and Heating System Installation
    We will leave your home as we found it, clean & tidy.
  • Quality Control Inspections
    All installations are inspected for quality control. Before and after photos are taken and used during our weekly training sessions.
  • Fully Stocked Warehouse
    And should your new unit have a breakdown you can rest assured we have the parts in stock, in fact new installations always receive priority service in the event of a breakdown.
  • Customer Follow Up
    It matters to us that you are happy. So when we are done, we will call you so you can let us know how we did.
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