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$79 Tune Up – Summer

Invest $79 In A Tune-Up For Your Air Conditioner And I Will Guarantee You A 100% Profit In Writing.  Or I Will Return Your $79 With No Hard Feelings…PLUS, I Will RENEW Your Expired Warranty* On Your Air Conditioner ($140 Value) For The Entire Month Of July Absolutely FREE.

Dear Friend,

Since replacing your air conditioner could cost thousands of dollars, doesn’t it just make sense to consider a Tune-up? Especially if I take all the risk, and there is no risk for you.

Let me explain.
A lot of people call me every year after the first “really hot snap” to have their air conditioners checked for the summer.  Perhaps you’re one who does that.

When the first “hot snap” hits, my phones are swamped with calls from people who have broken air conditioners.  Of course, I take care of my Priority Silver Club clients 1st, my regular clients 2nd and new customers 3rd.  But the vast majority of these calls are from my regular clients who want their air conditioners checked.  And when this happens we both lose.

Here’s why.
First you lose because my technicians are forced to do a simple “check-up” instead of a superior “Precision Tune-Up and Professional Cleaning” just to try and keep up with the calls.  Second, I lose because I have to turn down many potential new customers that could help my business grow.

A Better Way.
I wondered if there was a better way.  Here’s my idea…

I decided to make a daring offer (that I hope is irresistible) to just 100 people so I can test the results.  I am extending a valuable offer to you where you win at least three ways.  In return, I ask you to do one very important thing for me….

  1.   I will give your air conditioner a complete “Precision Tune-Up and Professional Cleaning” instead of a simple “check-up”, that is separated into 15 individual operations.  Each operation is performed by a seasoned professional.  It’s like having your air conditioner rejuvenated to Factory Fresh condition.
  2. This same service after the “hot snap” (If I had time to do it) would cost you over $120.  But as part of this Market Test I’m reducing it to only $79 giving you a substantial 34% discount.  And if you have any additional air conditioners at the same location, I’ll do them for only $56 each.
  3. Now here’s the best part.  To back up what I say about this service, I am including a guarantee that your cooling bill during the next six months will be at least $79 less (giving you a 100% return on your investment) than last summer… Plus, I will include a complete Parts and Labor Warranty on your air conditioner for the month of July 2022, ($140 Value) absolutely FREE, if you act now.

Now here’s what I’m asking you to do for me:  Call me at 270-769-2727 as soon as possible so that I can schedule your Tune-Up before May 7th.  I must be able to at least do your Tune-Up before May 21st.

The more Tune-Ups I’m able to do before the really hot weather, the more breakdown calls I’ll be able to take care of after the “hot snap.”

If you are excited and intrigued by the money saving approach my Precision Tune-Up Market Test opens up to you, be one of the first 100 to call and have an appointment made right away.

Zero Risk.
I’m so convinced you’re going to be thrilled with this service that I’ll give you 6 months to see how much better your A/C operates.  If you’re unhappy for any reason, I will return your $79 No-Questions-Asked.

The only risk you have is that your call will be received too late.  Because once I get the 100 participants, no one else can get the FREE Bonus Parts and Labor Warranty.

If you’re interested in receiving a Precision Tune-Up and Professional Cleaning and complete Parts and Labor Warranty for just $79, call 270-769-2727 now.

David E. Allen

  • Check thermostat for proper operation
  • Monitor amps/voltage on motor
  • Lubricate / Inspect bearings if applicable
  • Inspect indoor evap. coil for dirt & mold
  • Flush condensate draining system
  • Clean outdoor coil & remove debris
  • Monitor & evaluate refrigerant level
  • Tighten electrical connections in A/C unit
  • Inspect contactor for burned points
  • Check for dangerous electrical wiring
  • Test capacitors for proper capacitance
  • Inspect condenser fan blade for balance
  • Measure/analyze temperature differential
  • Inspect ductwork for efficiency losses
  • Monitor amps/voltage on compressor

*Ask for Details. Client must do any recommended repairs at time of service in order to receive FREE July 2022 Warranty.

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