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Tune Up

I Will Rejuvenate Your Furnace AND Air Conditioner (or Heat Pump), Both For Only $135. And I Will Guarantee You A 100% Profit In Writing. Or I Will Return Your $135 With No Hard Feelings…

Dear Home Owner,

Every spring I mail my special air conditioning system tune-up offer. The response is usually great in April and May. But that’s the problem. It’s February and I need the work NOW. This morning I had all the technicians standing at my desk with nothing to do!

Well, here’s my idea and I think we’ll both come out winners.

I figure that if I combine both my air condition-ing tune-up and my heating tune-up into one GREAT offer, I could reach two kinds of clients. Those who have put off the task of having their heater serviced this winter and those who were planning to have their air conditioner serviced this spring.

These two tune-ups are normally priced at $89 each, meaning you’d spend $178 if you wanted both the air conditioner and the heater tune-up. But if you call and schedule this service in the next 11 days, I will give you both tune-ups for only $135.00 (If you have 2 A/C systems, the price would be $202.50). That’s right…We’ll rejuvenate your air conditioner & furnace back to factory fresh condition for only $135

Here’s what our technician will do for you…

For The Air Conditioner or Heat Pump

✓ Check & clean condenser coil
✓ Check voltage & amperage on motors
✓ Check & clean condensate drain
✓ Check operational pressures for proper refrigerant charge
✓ Check all safety controls
✓ Calibrate the thermostat
✓ Check that the condenser is level
✓ Check starting capabilities
✓ Check current controllers vs. factory specifications
✓ Check start control switch contacts for excessive wear
✓ Lubricate outside fan, if applicable
✓ Check all electrical connections & wiring integrity
✓ Check temperature drop
✓ Check condenser fan
✓ Inspect the suction line & liquid line
✓ Inspect air filter

For the Gas or Electric Furnace

✓ Check thermostat calibration and level
✓ Remove burners, clean & check operation (gas furnace)
✓ Check operation of heating sequencer (elec. furnace / air handler)
✓ Check air filter
✓ Check all electrical connections & wiring integrity
✓ Check and adjust air flow for proper temperature rise
✓ Check current controller vs. factory specs
✓ Lubricate all moving parts where applicable
✓ Check evaporator coil with infrared camera
✓ Check heat exchanger with infrared camera (gas furnace)
✓ Check electric heat strips (elec. furnace / air handler)
✓ Check high limit controls
✓ Check fan controls
✓ Check flue and check for gas leaks (gas furnace)
✓ Check manifold gas pressure (gas furnace)
✓ Polish furnace exterior

Plus I’ll guarantee that your system will not breakdown and that your utility bill will be $100 less over the next 6 months… or this service is FREE… It’s a win-win deal for both of us. Call right now and schedule your service. I must be able to do the tune-ups before March 21st.

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